:: Environmental Recycling

Sound environmental recycling of all types of e-waste. When using our services you are provided with a “Certificate of Recycling”. This certificate protects the customer against legal indemnification for improper disposal of the items provided; it also acts as a guarantee that the item will be processed to the highest environmental outcome.

:: Secure Destruction

Secure destruction supported by a statutory declaration. Viewing can be arranged by request.

:: Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting for organizations participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, or Triple Bottom Line Accounting Strategies.

:: Logistics

Logistic services for the collection of e-waste. All transport is in accordance with relevant legislation, including approvals for export requirements. Subject to clients needs, we can offer services such as permanent bin hire and a packing and removal service.

:: On site solutions

Lockable wheelie bins for media discs, CDs, mobile phones, memory bearing devices etc. followed by secure destruction